Toxin Free Nail Products

OPI’s eco-friendly Infinite Shine nail polish

Oak Cliff is one of the most popular nail polish today because it is toxin-free, fume-free, and all-natural. Thus, people should try this product during their next nail salon appointment.

The use of this product is part of salon owners’ actions toward providing services to customers in a healthier and safer manner.

In this regard, various nail products are now produced without using harmful chemicals, such ammonia, formaldehyde, and other complex and potentially dangerous compounds. In addition, some salon now also offers several variations of their nail services. In other cases, salons avoid doing manicures and pedicure at the same time to allow their customers some time to relax. This way, clients appreciate more their nail salon experience.

One salon, Pink Pedi, offers other services, such as neck and should massages, which can be partnered with other options, including clay mud masks for the feet. The salon also offers lotions and massage oils which customers can buy for use during their treatments. One of their most popular add-ons include the Pink Peppermint scent that comes with signature body butter.

Pink Pedi is also known for two-eco-friendly brands of nail polish: OPI’s Infinite Shine and Zoya. These products are proudly made by some talented local artisans.