Pay Per Click Adwords Case Study Medspa

We ran a google adwords campaign for a local medspa in March 2017.  After doing some basic offpage seo marketing we got a page one result. But in the end of Febuary the rank feel off to the second page and we determined the cause was poor onpage optimization when the site was redesigned.  Our plan was to send traffic in March while we did some retooling of the site and improved the onpage SEO factors.  We set a budget of $500 for the month and created 2 campaigns.


  1. Campaign 1 – We targeted known buying qualified keywords for the services and city.  So we did “Service City” keyword combinations for the main services we wanted to drive traffic.  We also set the geo location 10 miles from the salon address.  After a few days we realized that it wasn’t going to generate $500 in purchases.  So we increased the maximum cost per click slightly and created a 2nd more generic campaign.
  2. Campaign 2 – We targeted services and product keywords without the city.  Our thinking was if we geotarget the location to still be a 10 mile radius a good percentage of the google searches for things like Botox would at least be located near the salon and a certain percentage of people researching that topic might also want the service.

During the second week when we went in and looked at the statistics we realized that the ads did not come up when people searched on google maps.  Our thinking was that the most qualified buyers are searching for a salon in the area on google maps. So we did some research and found out how to target ads on google maps.  Our biggest take away is to make sure you target maps here are the instructions to have your ads display on google maps searches.

So the results are interesting. 2/3 of the clicks are the non-city searches.  These searches also ended up costing 50% more.  The service city campaign got 1/3 the clicks but also had a 5% CTR which resulting in cheaper costs per click.  The reason we theorize is that we are targeting more qualified searches.  People who are actually looking for what we are offering. We also feel that the hits we got from the “Service + City” keyword searches are more likely to turn into customers.  The generic med spa searches that didn’t specify a city in the search probably didn’t want what we where advertising and making the campaign slightly inefficient. The only way to prove the case study theory would have been to run an A-B test using a dedicated phone number and online booking link that would pass through a referring url.

so our two big suggestions if you try to run adwords for your salon is that you should be very specific with the search terms.  don’t waste money on buying searches for generic things like “Latest Hair Style Trends”  instead look to buy searches for things like “Haircut Nearme”  And make sure to set the campaigns to show up on maps.  We feel like those are the most qualified searches. A third tip is to base your budget on the number of qualified searches not just how much money you are comfortable spending.  We probably would have seen the same results with a $150 ad buy.

In the long run you are going to see more bang for your money buy ordering citations on directory sites and doing press releases.  These are things that help boost your maps listing rank.