Nail Salon Owner Salary

In the US, salon business industry comprises $56 billion worth of salon business, which can be found in over 300,000 locations. Moreover, there are salons that solely offer nail care services. According to the 2010 statistics released by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 51,990 employees are employed as manicurists and pedicurists, whereas a portion of workers in the salon business industry are self-employed. The following are some important data concerning salon owners and employees:


In 2010, nail salon owners earned around $40,580. Meanwhile, self-employed individuals are not endowed with benefits. The income normally comes from space rental in case of self-employed nail technicians or through salon profits for employees and salon owners.


Between 2008 and 2018, the salon business industry is expected to increase to about 14% to 19%. This growth can be attributed to the improving economy. However, it can also be affected by various factors, such the regulation of government for chemicals, increased taxes, and healthcare costs.


Running a salon requires maintenance, bookkeeping, training, loss prevention, and customer service. Salon owners also consider adding improvements or expanding their services, for example, by offering beauty products.


Nail salon employees or self-employed nail technicians should be properly trained. These people can earn certifications after training for services that they offer. Salons with highly trained staff are more apt to gain the loyalty of customers and thus earn more income.


Profits of salons can be increased by offering other forms of beauty services. Some salons offer their own line of beauty products, whereas other salon establishments offer other services, including spa, services and hair styling.

 6. Salon Studios

One way savvy entrepreneurs are making good money is lowering over hear and renting a salon studio.  This lowers over head costs and operation requirements by not having a big salon and specializing on specific aspects on the industry. Specialized services like chrome names or stilettos or glitter can charge premium prices. Just like this Nail Salon in Tempe.