Injection Bars

One of the latest trends in the beauty industry is simple quick services such as injections bars.  You might notice that new businesses are popping up that focus on specific things such as waxing or eyebrows.  There are even wax places that specialize on Brazilian wax. We want to present to you what we think is going to be the  next best thing.  Small one stop injection specialists that take walkins and feature quick services for botox, B12, Juvederm and kybella.  They only do injections and they do it great.  Nothing is worse than getting botox improperly.  These are places that know exactly how to do it, effectively, simply and safe.  Being great at a limited number of services is better than offering tons of different things that you just don’t have the experience in.  It’s easier to train employees.  It’s easier to follow proper procedures.  There are quantity discounts in product and it’s more profitable all around.

Injexts in Scottsdale Arizona operates out of a salon studios called Sachi salon studios.  They have simple process.  They have a great product and the people that run it are experts.  That is a secret to success that anyone can mimic.  Things have been going so well they are thinking about going from Botox Experts In Scottsdale Arizona to franchise empire.