Injection Bars

One of the latest trends in the beauty industry is simple quick services such as injections bars.  You might notice that new businesses are popping up that focus on specific things such as waxing or eyebrows.  There are even wax places that specialize on Brazilian wax. We want to present to you what we think is going to be the  next best thing.  Small one stop injection specialists that take walkins and feature quick services for botox, B12, Juvederm and kybella.  They only do injections and they do it great.  Nothing is worse than getting botox improperly.  These are places that know exactly how to do it, effectively, simply and safe.  Being great at a limited number of services is better than offering tons of different things that you just don’t have the experience in.  It’s easier to train employees.  It’s easier to follow proper procedures.  There are quantity discounts in product and it’s more profitable all around.

Injexts in Scottsdale Arizona operates out of a salon studios called Sachi salon studios.  They have simple process.  They have a great product and the people that run it are experts.  That is a secret to success that anyone can mimic.  Things have been going so well they are thinking about going from Botox Experts In Scottsdale Arizona to franchise empire.

Booth Rentals

Beauty businesses can be divided into two categories: payroll and non-payroll. Those under the payroll category employ staff who are supervised by managers in the workplace. Meanwhile, non-payroll salons include renting work salons where self-employed individuals can offer their services. In non-payroll establishments, the working manager acts as a landlord and bears no authority regarding the operation of the rented workplace.


Booth renting in salon business industry can be traced back in 1916, based on the story shared by A’Lelia Bundles as told by her great-great-grandmother, Madame CJ Walker.

In the earlier days, booth rentals were widely utilized in the salon industry. However, this model of running a salon lost its popularity by the end of the 20th century. This downtrend in use of booth rentals can be attributed to emergence of various issues, including lack of structure, lack of professionalism of salon workers, feuds, and dishonesty in reporting of incomes. As a result, booth renting was banned in a number of states. However, the problems surrounding booth renting possibly roots from issues on proper execution. Owners and renters of booth salons can succeed in this type of venture if they learn how to properly operate a booth rental business system


There are not a lot of information about booth renting, and any information available normally contain incorrectly interpreted data. In booth renting, a salon owner rents his work place and salon amenities to salon-service providers for a certain price rent. For each booth rented, the working technician works on his own to promotes his services to clients and any other products that they may offer. Each salon technician is also in charge in managing his finances and taxes. Running a booth rental requires great discipline and wrong practices and arrangement can lead to its failure. Skilled beauty technicians may not be work well with running booth rentals. However, some individuals have sufficient technical and business skills to succeed in running a booth rental.


Tenants and landlords must be able to build a good working relationship. Both parties should respect each other. Salon owners must be fully aware of their role as landlords, and booth renters should not forget that they are also tenants.

Meanwhile, in various booth rentals, some tenants and landlords show relationship normally observed between employers and employees. Other tenants, on the other hand, consider themselves as more of a freelance and thus do not consider the rental owner as their boss. Other relationships lying in between such cases can be also observed in other cases.

However, despite the confusion the surrounds the relationship of booth rental owners and renters, the owners should not forget their authority and implement the necessary management practices in their establishment.

Salon Profitability

One of the most significant factors that will determine the success of a business concerns its operations. In relation to this, entrepreneurs and business owners must consider the number of hours that they allocate for accommodating the maximum number of clients every day.

All people involved in various business industries that they work goes beyond the designated business hours. In case of hair salons, their operation hours normally lasts from 10 am to 9 pm everyday or 10 am to 6 pm in smaller areas. Business hours are commonly the same for establishments located in malls or department stores, whereas others just run until 5 pm during weekends. Salon owners should also particularly pay attention to lunch hours and early evening hours, which are considered the busiest times for such businesses. Meanwhile, in other cases, salon owners may have to open earlier or set a specific time for important clients.

Thus, salon owners who properly manage time in operating their business are expected to earn more profits and be more successful. In relation to time management, salon owners should focus on ensuring that their businesses are in constant operation, that is, all the staff are performing their jobs and everyone in the salon, including them, is doing something worthwhile.

Aside from time-management, correctly priced services also contribute to the success of a salon. Extremely high prices may dissuade clients from making an appointment. However, very low prices may put at risk the profits of a salon business.

Thus, salon owners should ensure that they only offer competitive prices for their services. Likewise, they should consider factors, including labor and supplies, overheard, and profit, that influence prices.


The salary of owners is a part of the total labor costs, which can be the salary paid to a staff per hour. Labor costs for different salon employees may differ depending on the time they allot for rendering their services to customers.


Other contributing factors to costs include mortgage, lease payment, and budget for utilities. Estimate overhead costs should reach 40% to 50% of labor and material cost.


The normal expected profit lies around 11% to 15% of the net profit. When computing for the target net profit, salon owners should take into account the markup percentage factor.

On the other hand, salon establishments must be regularly maintained to ensure smooth operations and clean image. Salon employees should not settle with just sweeping or mopping the floor. They should thoroughly check all nooks and corners to ensure the cleanliness of their workplace.

Meanwhile, in some cases, salon owners avail the services of maintenance crew who are tasked with handling almost all maintenance tasks in an establishment. Such services normally come with a steep price but salon owners are assured that their businesses will end up sparklingly clean. Others prefer hiring one or several employees who are tasked with just tasks related to cleaning or maintaining salons.

Some salons earn additional profits by selling retail products. In such case, staff are trained to promote the beauty products offered by their salons.

On the other hand, gift certificates are another source of income for salons. These businesses may offer gift certificates which their customers can give away as presents to their families or friends. Moreover, production of gift certificates only requires a small capital and thus can be used in generating more profits.


What Causes A Salon To Fail

Every person who establishes a business faces a very formidable problem: the risk of losing their business. Hair and day spa salons are some of the most lucrative businesses nowadays. Almost everywhere, any one of these is sure to be found. But with this situation, a lot of people who decide to put up a salon of their own sometimes fail in their venture. The reasons for such failure vary from financial problems to issues on proper management of the salons. Aside from these, there are some other factors that were discovered to contribute in the failure of hair and day spa salons.

First and foremost is lack of money to support business maintenance. Some people tend to forget to reserve money for emergency situations. Next is misunderstanding the nature of their business. There are business owners who venture into industries which they lack knowledge of. Unable to perceive the market of an established business may ultimately lead to failure.

Prices that are too high or too cheap may sound dubious to potential customers. Competition with other establishments is also a very crucial factor in making businesses fail. In addition, owners often fail to see that they need help in running their business. Trying to solve problems without consulting some professionals may lead to making incorrect decisions.

So for new hair and day spa salon owners, hiring professionals should be above their list. Next is properly studying and understanding the nature of the business they are trying to build. Financial reserves should also be secured for additional expenses that may come up. And lastly, patience and hard work are the virtues very business owner must have. Establishing a business will not pay off right away. Hardships must be faced. But for each obstacle, one must always think the reason for immersing in his selected industry.

Poor Employees

Dealing With Overly Confident Salon Personnel

Having a hair salon can be a lucrative business. Aside from having the luxury of being styled and pampered everyday, money is surely earned when such business is successful. The owner also gets to widen his or her social connections as different types of customers may visit a salon daily.

But a running a hair salon is not without its problems. The proprietor, from time to time, may prove to be unlucky when they hire by chance stylists or other personnel who seem to feel like they own the salon. With these type of people, negative behaviors can be observed like being late for work, unheeding a business regulation, or doing acts that may seem disrespectful to the owner.

If such things happen, there are several ways that a hair salon owner can try to gain the respect that is due to him or her and such ways can also teach overly confident personnel to exhibit proper attitude at work.

The very first thing that a salon owner must do is to lay down the rules and regulations for the employees. The owner must relay the expectations that he is he hopes to see in each employee. Details must also be provided to provide so that the stylists and other personnel can gauge their performance when working. Each employee should be made aware of his or her responsibilities and the limits by which he or she can perform.

If the owner wants to be respected by his/her employees, then he/she must show the same to them. Showing kindness and good behavior towards one’s employees can be rewarded with respect more that the owner can bargain for. Also, a proprietor must demonstrate that he is not exempted from the rules and regulations he implements on his business. When employees see that their boss does the right thing, it is not impossible that they will follow suit. A superior must be someone that the employees can always look up to.

It’s not bad to mingle with the staff and personnel but an owner must be conscious of the relationship that he forms with his employees. If an owner is too friendly, his kindness may be abused and other staff may think that favoritism exists within the company. As such, an owner must keep his relationship with his employees as formal as possible, restricting the connection to the matters that are business-related.

When a particular stylist or any personnel proves to be unproductive, then the owner must not hesitate in firing that person especially when such a person can be the cause of downfall of the business. Letting a lazy and overly confident person running about can influence the other employees and the development of bad habits among the people managing a business can pose negative effects. An employer should not be afraid of what other people say and he may seem cruel when he fires a person but business and business and those things that are bad for the business should be eliminated.

Lastly, the owner must not forget that he controls what happens with his business. He may heed some ideas regarding on how he can run his salon but in the end, it’s his decision that will determine the path that will be taken as he continues his ventures in money-making.

How To Make A Salon Profitable

To make their salon businesses more profitable, there are a number of ideas that the owners can try.

Booking appointments is one method. With the advent of technology, social media and various phone and computer applications can now be used to gain more clients through making appointments. Online booking gives the customers the satisfaction of reserving a slot for a certain service without any hassle. This also serves as a good platform for promoting one’s business.

It is important to note the proper use of social media in promoting one’s business. Information posted on various websites must be thoroughly check the details to avoid sending out false information. Aside from giving accurate and precise information, the use of images to catch the attention of potential customers is highly recommended. For salon owners, posting pictures of what they can look like after availing a particular service is a temptation that can be very hard to ignore.

For those who are still contemplating about building a business, they must choose a name for their business that is sure to catch the attention of potential customers. Even the logo of these names must be able to catch the eyes of the people.

The front desk of any salon business must also give something that can delight customers. Giving gift certificates or promotional gift cards can make the customers a little bit more special. In addition, promotional services like loyalty programs or contests can be conducted to provide the clients with additional entertainment while they pay for their salon services. Giving out small tokens like keychains are also recommended. Such things done to show appreciation for customers can make them recommend their favorite salons to friends and loved ones.

Improving one’s skills that are related to the business at hand can greatly help in making more profits. If there are any new services that can be offered to clients, news may spread out and new customers may be attracted in trying out those new services.

Helping to resolve the customers’ problems as well as their friends’ is good way to attract new clients. If news spreads out about the quality of service and the good hearts of the service providers, more and more people will be tempted to try out a salon.

Lastly, it won’t hurt to consult a professional who can provide a professional opinion in promoting a salon and its services. Consultants can give the facts with regards the market and other issues that can be very vital in promoting one’s business.

Overall, there’s no single way in making a salon business gain more profit. A salon owner must be willing to try out new things and should not be afraid to conform to the new changes happening in the society as the world becomes more modern and progressive.

Tips For Running A Salon

If you’re a little vain and you’re the type of person who likes to get pampered, then when you think of starting a business, establishing a hair salon or a day spa is one of the things that surely comes to mind.

When venturing into any type of business, an entrepreneur must properly the aspects that will play a vital role in making a business successful. Usually, a hair salon or day spa operate during the day and may be closed on weekends depending on the location.

For a first time salon owner, it can be helped that one may try to do things all at once or have the work all by himself. This kind of attitude must be utterly divided. The owner must hire staff and personnel that are adequate and fit for the different jobs involved in running a salon. Allocating tasks to the right people ensures proper operation and the owner can focus more on other tasks requiring his or her authority and expertise.

The prices for the services offered by such types of salon must also be taken into account. Customers will have doubts subscribing to a service if they think that they will not get as much as what they are going to pay. On the other hand, if the price range for the salon services and products is very cheap, there is the risk of not profiting enough to maintain the business and the danger of bankruptcy also looms around.

To avoid losing the business, some factors must be considered when setting the prices for the services rendered by a salon.

The cost of labor for the staff and personnel as well the owner must be taken into account. The salary of the staff may be paid by the hour or the amount of time consumed in attending to a customer. Aside from the salary, the cost of maintenance should be properly estimated as to avoid spending more than the allocated budget for the business. Lastly, the overall profit of a business plays a very crucial role in its success. Percentages allotted for each type of salon service must ensure that at the end of each month or any time when the profit is calculated, the expected amount of money earned is reached.

Repeat Customers

In any kind of business, the hardest thing that business owners can encounter is how to keep their customers in coming back to their shops. For people who own salons, it’s hard to gauge the degree of satisfaction of the customers since people may have different standards in assessing the services rendered to them. Because of this, salon owners face the dilemma of attracting and keeping the right number of customers that will avail of the services offered by their salon.

To solve this problem, salon owner can employ one method used in making the customers come back is most businesses: customer service. With the advent of technology, customer service has been easier and using such method can easily influence a customer into coming back to a salon.

To provide a good and reliable customer service, a salon owner may consider doing the following.

Good loyalty programs where the customers can avail points or free service as a reward is a good temptation for a customer to come back. Next, make sure that a new clients will come back by giving them some kind of reward just because they went to a salon. A discount or a small additional service can pave the way in building a long and lasting relationship with a client. Aside from the new clients, old customers must be given the same importance. Check on them and offer something that can entice them to go back to the salon, like a new promo or discount on some salon services. Make sure to give extra special treatment to generous customers or even to those who are just so nice to understand any misgivings.

For those who are already inside the establishment, make sure that they feel comfortable as they are serviced. Offer cold beverages or small snacks and always inquire if you can do anything for them. Also make sure that the other employees are doing the same treatment to the rest of the customers. If there are any complaints, make sure that they are clearly understood and resolved. Do not let the customers leave the salon disappointed.

For the salon, always ensure that the equipment used are all up and running. Always stock up on supplies. It is recommended to always use the most effective hair products. Renovation is highly suggest to give the salon a new and cooler feel that can appeal to the customers.

In general, customers are the reason why businesses flourishes. They may complain at times or they may ask for something that is highly improbable to happen. Nevertheless, salon owners must bear such things and keep in mind that good and quality service is the first and foremost reason to make the customers come back.