Repeat Customers

In any kind of business, the hardest thing that business owners can encounter is how to keep their customers in coming back to their shops. For people who own salons, it’s hard to gauge the degree of satisfaction of the customers since people may have different standards in assessing the services rendered to them. Because of this, salon owners face the dilemma of attracting and keeping the right number of customers that will avail of the services offered by their salon.

To solve this problem, salon owner can employ one method used in making the customers come back is most businesses: customer service. With the advent of technology, customer service has been easier and using such method can easily influence a customer into coming back to a salon.

To provide a good and reliable customer service, a salon owner may consider doing the following.

Good loyalty programs where the customers can avail points or free service as a reward is a good temptation for a customer to come back. Next, make sure that a new clients will come back by giving them some kind of reward just because they went to a salon. A discount or a small additional service can pave the way in building a long and lasting relationship with a client. Aside from the new clients, old customers must be given the same importance. Check on them and offer something that can entice them to go back to the salon, like a new promo or discount on some salon services. Make sure to give extra special treatment to generous customers or even to those who are just so nice to understand any misgivings.

For those who are already inside the establishment, make sure that they feel comfortable as they are serviced. Offer cold beverages or small snacks and always inquire if you can do anything for them. Also make sure that the other employees are doing the same treatment to the rest of the customers. If there are any complaints, make sure that they are clearly understood and resolved. Do not let the customers leave the salon disappointed.

For the salon, always ensure that the equipment used are all up and running. Always stock up on supplies. It is recommended to always use the most effective hair products. Renovation is highly suggest to give the salon a new and cooler feel that can appeal to the customers.

In general, customers are the reason why businesses flourishes. They may complain at times or they may ask for something that is highly improbable to happen. Nevertheless, salon owners must bear such things and keep in mind that good and quality service is the first and foremost reason to make the customers come back.