Booth Rentals Vs Commission Employees

For entrepreneurs who wish to open their own salon some suffer the dilemma of choosing between hiring full-time employees and just renting a booth. Most often, people who opt to rent a booth have no inkling of the situation they are getting into. This results in confusion and most often than not, business owners find themselves in chaos as they realize the problems that come with a renting a booth for business. The concept of renting booths in a salon is a good way to start a new operation because the renters bring with them their own clientel and it establishes a great initial cash flow.

For those who are new to the concept of booth renting, they must take note of the advantages and disadvantages of availing such things for their business. Some people may vouch for booth rental while some may be against the very idea. Nevertheless, the opinions of these people vary and most are based on personal experiences and thus, people must take care in heeding these opinions as something much more different can happen to them if they choose to rent a booth for their business.

When renting a booth, the pros and cons vary according to the points of view of the owner or the stylist and other personnel. If the a salon proprietor chooses to rent a booth, some of the advantages that may come with it are not having the responsibility of providing compensation and insurance for the employees and look for grand ways to promote the business. If the one renting a booth is a contractual stylist, he or she has the freedom of setting the schedule to service the customers. The stylist can also use whatever styling products he or she prefers and all the money earned is his or hers alone.

On the other hand, renting a booth does not always promise positive outcomes for the renter. For a renter who hires other staff for his services, there is the risk of losing them to other businesses that offer a more stable job. Longer working hours cannot also be avoided if the business owner needs to reach a certain quota for his income. The chance to provide an improved quality in the services provided is also missed as staff and personnel do not have additional trainings. Legally, financial issues involving the income and taxes may catch the attention of certain authorities if there no supporting documents to back up the statements of the renter.

For a stylist who rents a booth, the negative side of renting booth comes in the form of having to compete with the more established salons. And if he or she wants to fight off these competitions, training and education for additional skills may be quite expensive. The rental fee also proves to be a burden especially when there are not a lot of customers. Also, the stylist needs to handle all the work from managing the money, buying supplies, and making business decisions.

With the things mentioned above, one may be enlightened regarding the benefits and burdens of renting a booth in accommodating a salon services business. But if filled with doubt, the business owner can still opt to establish a fully owned salon complete with the necessary staff, equipment and supplies. But like booth rental, it has its sets of upsides and downsides.

For the positive aspects, a salon owner has the freewill to do his own bidding in every aspect of his business. He can improve the quality of the services his salon provides if he chooses to let his employees gain addition skills training. And with proper strategy and planning, the limit on the amount of money coming in is infinite. In the case of the employees like the stylists, the promise of having a long-term job is there. The stylists can also build long and lasting relationship not only with their co-workers but with the customers as well. Health benefits and tax payment are shouldered by the business owner and each person employed is assigned with a specific such that one does not need to do a job that he or she has little knowledge of.

For an aspiring stylist, doubts may come in considering renting a booth. The stylist may feel some hesitance especially if he or she is not confident that renting a booth can prove to be profitable for his profession. In this type of situation, the stylist may opt to undertake a commission-based job.

In a commission-based type of job, the stylist will work in a salon. He or she will be given a schedule dictating the days and time regarding the work for the salon. Like any regular employee on other types of businesses, a stylist working on commission-based job gets to be paid with a certain salary but aside from that, there will be a commission based on the standards set by the salon owner for his or her services. Aside from this, the stylist can also get professional help from the other personnel working in the salon. He or she does need to carry alone the burdens that come with the nature of his or her work. Stylists on commission-based jobs can also receive free and additional skills training from their employers.

Taking a commission-based job can be a good opportunity for stylists who are looking for a steady income, but for those who aspire to build their own career and someday have a salon of their own, this type of job can pose some risks.

In conclusion, venturing into any profession does not come easy. When starting a business or renting a booth as a stylist, a person must be professional and ensure that employed or not, bound by a contract or a freelance for providing services, problems in any chosen profession cannot be avoided. Success in any chosen career path still depends on perseverance, patience and the ability to cope up with problems and come up with solutions to solve them.